Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors

10/08/2022 07:30 PM - 10:00 PM ET


DeSoto Amphitheater Series


  • $20.00


Ned Smith Center for Nature & Art
176 Water Company Road
Millersburg, PA 17061
United States of America
Room Number: DeSoto Amphitheater: Outside


Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors | October 8th | $20 Pre-Sale $25 At the Door

The zeitgeist is a moving target, and Chris Barron has always been a crack shot. The New York songwriter is no longer the debutant who set out on the circuit’s sharp end in 1988 with $100, a battered acoustic and a headful of the alt-rock anthems that would elevate Spin Doctors to global stardom. He’s a veteran approaching 50, living in a world changed beyond recognition, compelled to write the music that chronicles the here-and-now. As far back as he can remember, he’s had a hunger driving him onward, towards something just out of reach.

“I wrote ‘Two Princes’ when I was 19,” Barron says of the hits that powered the Spin Doctors’ ascent, “and ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’ when I was 21.” At the encouragement of close friends, Blues Traveler, Barron moved to New York and took on the bear-pit live circuit. No gig was too grisly, no hole-in-the-wall too humble.

With 1991’s five-times-platinum Pocket Full of Kryptonite album, The Spin Doctors duly exploded, and while millions screamed those solid-gold choruses, there was more going on beneath the surface. “I’m so proud of Pocket Full of Kryptonite,” says Barron. “We really captured the times we were living in. Historically, I think the Spin Doctors were perceived in the landscape of grunge and alternative music as this happy-go-lucky band, but in my mind, all our songs are sad lyrics with happy music. If you delve into the lyrics, there’s a lot of pain and longing in there.”

Piper Belle's BBQ and The Winery at Hunter's Valley will be on hand for all your food and beverage needs!

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