1491 2011 Flushing Pheasant Framed or Unframed

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2011 Flushing Pheasant Framed or Unframed

Exploding from a tangled fence row with a raucous squawk and the rattle of flailing wings, a male ring-necked pheasant towers into the autumn sun, the light glinting off his impossibly beautiful plumage. This watercolor, commissioned by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for the November 1975 cover of its magazine Game News, has never been published as a fine art print. Bob Bell, former Game News editor and an expert on the ringneck, said of this work, “Ned Smith’s painting shows this gamebird in all his splendor. Nobody, at any time or any place, ever did it better.”

Image size: 14.5″x 20″    Opening: 23.25"   Frame size: 21.25" X 28"

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